Ivy League Meets Street Style: Exploring Occupo Gloria's 'Autumnal Scholar' Autumn '23 Collection

Ivy League Meets Street Style: Exploring Occupo Gloria's 'Autumnal Scholar' Autumn '23 Collection

As the leaves begin to descend gracefully and the air turns crisper, we proudly unveil our Autumn '23 collection. This limited and luxurious drop features t-shirts, hoodies, and sweaters that embody the very essence of fall. At Occupo Gloria, our commitment to design excellence extends to our ethical practices, including the use of 100% organic garments. Our Autumn '23 collection isn't just about fashion; it's an expression of identity, values, and aspirations. Explore the natural beauty of autumn, from bold designs to understated elegance, and join us on a journey where fashion meets artistry, and luxury aligns with ethics. 

Design Spotlight: Autumnal Scholar 

At the heart of our Autumn '23 collection lies a creation that encapsulates the very essence of the season—Autumnal Scholar. This design is a seamless blend of autumn colours, collegiate/university aesthetics, and a touch of Ivy League sophistication. It's a manifestation of the intrinsic beauty of fall, echoing the picturesque campuses of illustrious universities across Northeastern America. But what sets Autumnal Scholar apart is the unique Occupo Gloria twist, infusing luxury street style into the collegiate,Ivy finesse. 

Unique Elements

  • Autumn Colours: Within this design we find a harmonious trio of colours—off white, golden yellow, and verdant green. These three hues, carefully selected, conjure the essence of autumn with simplicity and elegance. 
  • Collegiate Theme: Drawing inspiration from the timeless aesthetics of universities, the design incorporates classic elements such as the autumnal emblem, aptly themed fonts, and subtle academic motifs. It pays homage to the spirit of higher learning and achievement. 
  • Ivy League Sophistication: Capturing the essence of fall and exuding a sense of Ivy League sophistication. An embodiment of refined elegance and intellectual charm, making it not just a garment but a statement of prestige. Ivy style goes back over 100 years and to this day, is timeless. 


The inspiration behind Autumnal Scholar is a journey through the beautiful, illustrious, and quaint universities scattered throughout Northeastern America. These campuses come alive during the fall season, as the foliage transforms into a breathtaking display of colours. The serene atmosphere, steeped in tradition and knowledge, served as the creative spark for this design. I also used these beautiful places to inspire the garment colour ‘Harvard Scarlet’. 

I wanted to do more than replicate the imagery of these campuses; so, I aimed to capture their identity and spirit. This design is a tribute to the dedication, aspiration, and timeless elegance associated with academic institutions. 

The Story Behind the Design 

The inspiration for this particular design was born out of a profound appreciation for the enduring allure of these institutions. Their aesthetic never fades; it stands as a beacon of style that transcends generations and backgrounds. 

What motivated me to create Autumnal Scholar was the desire to encapsulate this enduring beauty in a simple yet profound manner. The magic lies in its simplicity, as it leaves room for interpretation, inviting each admirer to find their unique, personal connection. 

The campuses that served as the wellspring of inspiration for this design evoke a sense of community, class, and coziness. They are places where knowledge intertwines with tradition, where the seasons paint the landscape with a palette of warm, vibrant colours and create that timeless, picturesque feel. 

I aimed to capture some of the infinite charm that these locations offer. It's my way of sharing the appreciation I hold for their enduring style, and I hope that, when you wear this design, you feel a part of the same elegance, sophistication, and sense of community that these illustrious campuses embody. 

Share Your Thoughts! 

We'd love to hear from you! Whether it's your thoughts on the Autumnal Scholar design, your personal feelings about the season, or what makes you feel connected to our brand and community, your voices matter. We genuinely value your insights and experiences, and they help us grow and evolve. So, please, take a moment to share with us in the comments below.  

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If this motif has sparked your interest, we invite you to explore our entire autumnal collection. Our range of designs embodies our commitment to timeless style, ethical craftsmanship, and a vibrant community of enthusiasts like you. We believe there's something special waiting for each of you in our collection, so don't hesitate to delve deeper into the world of Occupo Gloria. 

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A Personal Note of Appreciation

Creating the Autumn '23 collection, including the Autumnal Scholar design, has been an absolute joy. I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to share a piece of my passion and inspiration with you. As the seasons change, I look forward to covering more of this collection, one design at a time. It's a journey through style, nature, and the artistry that surrounds us. 

To all of you who have made it to the end of this blog post, thank you for your time and support. Your presence in our community is what makes Occupo Gloria flourish. Let's continue to embrace the changing of seasons, appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us, and stay connected as we unveil the next chapter in our brand's story.  

Stay safe and keep seizing glory.   

Oli - Founder of Occupo Gloria 




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