Exploring Alexander Volkanovski's Fashion

Exploring Alexander Volkanovski's Fashion

Hey! I’m back :)

So I wanted to focus on things I enjoy while promoting my brand ‘Occupo Gloria’. I absolutely love the UFC and usually find myself watching every Saturday night/Sunday morning here in the UK.

A niche that I don’t believe ever gets covered is the fashion and style of the fighters. One reason why I adore the UFC and its fighters is the eclectic mix of characters within the company. With so many personalities I find the varying degrees of style to be rather interesting. We can go from high fashion to baggy jeans and flip flops within the same press conference! Shoutout Funky Ben Askren.

Anyway, tonight is the night! Volk is facing Ilia Topuria and I can’t wait! This week the lead-up has been great and Volk has been wearing his usual street style swag.

I always take notice of what fighters are wearing, I can’t help but notice what fighters wear whenever I see them and Volk is no exception. His love of Palm Angels is apparent and who can blame him? He is often seen sporting oversized tees with fitted jeans or bottoms. I often see him with his Amiri jeans paired with either a Palm Angels tee or Engage garment.


Engage are awesome. They inspire me to be great and help fuel my creative spark for different takes on streetwear. Founded by THE last stylebender: Israel Adesanya and his manager, Ash Belcastro they have taken a very niche and non-fashion-oriented sport and drawn a whole culture into street style. I highly recommend you check them out along with my brand of course!

Although most likely a paid partnership, Volk is also seen oftentimes rocking the diamond-covered PRIME necklace which although pains me to say it, looks pretty dope. I feel men's Jewellery doesn’t get enough shine (no pun intended) and especially within the UFC realm. Maybe the antiquated views of men not wearing jewellery and it being ‘girly’ are still slightly prevalent in a sport dominated by ‘alpha males’ however I feel like this isn’t entirely true as I can see the modern age making a mark within the sport such as the likes of Kevin Holland, Izzy and Sean O’Malley showing out whether you love them or hate them: you can’t deny the swag.

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts about this rather unusual topic but I loved writing about it and also made a video found here. Please do watch if you find yourself having 5 minutes to kill!

I can’t thank you, the reader, enough. Taking the time to show an interest in myself and my brand means so very much <3

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Stay blessed and healthy,

Oli xo

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