Occupo Gloria strikes again: Our Vintage Racing t shirt Shines at the 'Battle of the Baddest' Fury vs Ngannou

Occupo Gloria strikes again: Our Vintage Racing t shirt Shines at the 'Battle of the Baddest' Fury vs Ngannou

Hey there fashion enthusiasts and boxing fans! Oli here, the creative force behind Occupo Gloria, the luxury couture brand that's all about celebrating individuality and style. Today, I'm thrilled to share the exciting fusion of fashion and combat sports, as our Vintage Racing t-shirt takes the spotlight at the heavyweight clash of the year in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! 

🥊 The Clash of Titans: Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou 🥊 

Coming in hot after our last appearance during the KSI vs. Fury weekend, Occupo Gloria returns with a one-two combination. In the heart of Riyadh, an electrifying event is set to unfold. Two colossal figures in the world of combat sports, Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou, are gearing up for a heavyweight showdown that's making waves across the globe. While the boxing ring will undoubtedly be the center of attention, another sensation has made its debut – Occupo Gloria's Vintage Racing tee! 

👕 Vintage Racing Design: A Style Statement in the Ring and Beyond! 👕 

Our Vintage Racing piece, inspired by the timeless aesthetics of vintage motorsport, is the perfect blend of sophistication and boldness. Crafted on organic garments, it represents everything Occupo Gloria stands for – quality, creativity, and the celebration of individuality. 

Dmitry Bivol ade oladipo occupo gloria

Wearing this exclusive piece from Occupo Gloria is none other than Ade Oladipo, who's been interviewing a host of combat sports finest. The likes of Ricky Hatton, Rampage Jackson, Junior Dos Santos, and Dmitry Bivol have graced the interviews, showcasing the impeccable style and prestige of our design. Ade, as always, has once again delivered an exceptional performance over the past two days, and it brings me immense joy to witness him donning our heavyweight tee, perfectly complemented with jeans and trainers.  

Ade also had a wonderful interview with Pro Boxing Fans so make sure to check it out here!

ade oladipo rampage jackson occupo gloria

🌍 From England to the World: We Ship Worldwide, Including Saudi Arabia! 🌍 

As a luxury brand based in England, we take pride in delivering our creations to fashion-forward individuals worldwide. That includes you, our friends in Saudi Arabia! No matter where you are, Occupo Gloria is committed to bringing a touch of luxury and uniqueness to your wardrobe. 

🥊 Fashion Meets Combat: A Stylish Spectacle 🥊 

The combination of high-end fashion and the exhilaration of world-class boxing VS MMA creates a unique spectacle. Occupo Gloria's mission has always been to appeal to expressive, unique, and stylish individuals. The Battle of the Baddest heavyweight event, with its star-studded guest list and dazzling performances, perfectly embodies the spirit of our brand. 

So, whether you're a boxing aficionado, a fashion enthusiast, or both, this event in Riyadh is one to watch. Keep an eye out for more Occupo Gloria, and let it inspire you to express your unique style and celebrate individuality. 

To all our friends in Saudi Arabia and around the world, we're just a click away. Explore our collection and join the elite ranks of those who value quality, creativity, and style. Don't miss out on the style sensation that is Occupo Gloria! 

Stay stylish, stay unique, and keep seizing glory! 

Oli – Founder of Occupo Gloria 


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