Gloria Peaks: Discovering part of Occupo Gloria's Winter '23 Collection

Gloria Peaks: Discovering part of Occupo Gloria's Winter '23 Collection

Hey everyone! Oli here, the visionary creator behind Occupo Gloria, and I'm absolutely thrilled to present to you our latest sartorial masterpiece – 'Gloria Peaks’, part of the Winter '23 collection. So, settle down, get cozy and have a look behind what went into creating this design!

Gloria Peaks 

In the spotlight, we have our showstopper, the 'Gloria Peaks' sweat. This piece is a harmonious fusion of vintage allure and Occupo Gloria's signature panache. Imagine a journey back in time to the glamorous ski resorts of Gstaad, Switzerland, all brought to life in a modern fashion context. 


Elegant Subtlety 

Adorning the front is Occupo Gloria branding and part of our Seizing Glory Since Forever slogan. It's a simple touch that sleekly blends both designs together in an effortlessly classy way. Gstaad, Switzerland is notorious for its chic, elegant ski-goers and had some of the most wonderful vintage ski posters I came across which made it such a perfect fit for Occupo Gloria! 


Vintage Chic 

Turn to the back, and you'll discover a captivating vintage ski poster, echoing an era of opulence and elegance. The rich hues and vivid blue sky contrasts so cleanly on the crisp white. I feel it pays homage to a time when ski fashion exuded class and refinement, perfectly encapsulating the essence of Occupo Gloria. 


Monogram Magic 

To add that final dash of luxury, our beautifully embroidered monogram logo graces the cuff. This exquisite detail puts the finishing touch on the 'Gloria Peaks' collection, reminding you that true elegance lies in the finer elements. 


So, when you slip into a piece from our Winter '23 collection, you're not just dressing; you're indulging in a narrative. 'Gloria Peaks' isn't just clothing; it's a time-traveling experience to an era where sophistication and style reigned supreme, sprinkled with that Occupo Gloria magic. 


I've absolutely loved creating 'Gloria Peaks,' and I can't wait for you to immerse yourself in its creativity and individuality. Exploring the art connected to this era alongside the fonts, styles and themes has taught me a lot and is going to be a style I return to again and again when creating certain pieces in the future. 


Stay chic, stay unique, and let 'Gloria Peaks' be your gateway to a timeless adventure in fashion. Check out the full collection here! 

Until our next fashionable rendezvous! 

Stay safe and keep seizing glory! 



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